SCA Statewide Grade Level 03/14/2021

Last weekend was a HUGE success for the Nicollet Chess Program.   

Our 6th grade team – Thomas Pritchard, Spencer Pederson and John Blomer – won the State Sixth Grade Title.  John led the team with a 3rd place finish!

Our 7th grade team – David Santos, Harrison Stage and Rynaldo Mejia – won the State Seventh Grade Title with Rynaldo winning 3rd place, David 2nd place and Harrison was the Statewide Champion! 

Our 8th grade team – Owen Krick, Aiden Callenius, Mason Pederson, Jake Schoenbauer, Kenny Moe and Zach Pierce – won the State Eighth Grade Title.   Hardware winners included Golden Knight Winner Aiden, 5th place finisher Owen and 2nd place finisher Jake!


6th grade team
7th grade team
8th grade team