Metcalf News 2/8

Hi chess families!
Well you can see how active things get once the season gets underway! Lots happening.
Friday Feb 9– League matches at Metcalf..we will not be in the lunchroom, but in Room 109 or media center for the matches, due to a school party.
Saturday Feb 10–chess lessons…hope to see most of our team take advantage of the masters teaching this day.  You should have all received the flyer for these fantastic lessons.  Players really show they want to get to the next level quickly by their attendance.  Also, everyone gets a free lesson to at least check it out.  For most of the team, they will be in the advanced beginner group which is from 11 to 12 in Room 109 at Metcalf. The intermediate and advanced groups follow that.
Sunday Feb 11..Party time…one of the big ways our team bonds and have the chance to make connections/friends for life​ is our important parties. I gave everyone today a sheet of what to bring (each student brings a snack or drink item for sharing and it is indicated on the sheet who brings what)  If your child lost their sheet, they can pick it up Friday after school in Room 109 or at the lessons Saturday or  you can email me for a copy.  Parents need to sign their kids in at the front desk and mention metcalf chess party.
Monday Feb 12…more lessons for intermediate/advanced students.
Tues Feb 13…Only club of next week!
Needed: A few parents who can do some detective work finding metcalf chess alumni on facebook…directions on how to do this will be given…we are going to get some fundraising info out to them for our team is the reason.  Contact Coach Ribnick if you can volunteer to do this.
Sell Sell Sell…we are in the heart of our fundraising season…hope your students are doing their best with the pizza sales and the taproom sales.
Feb 17//The State Gradelevel Tmt at Metcalf…we need SO much help at this.  PLEASE sign up in the sign up genius ASAP. Here is the link:  Remember ..ALL families expected to give a minimum of 4 hours  per season.  PLUS, for those who would like to acquire some help for Atlanta this year, you need to get those volunteer hours in .  This is the event where it is most critical as WE NEED YOU!!! SIGN UP TODAY.
Thanks to all those that have devoted time and energy to the silent auction coming up…hope you all got a chance to acquire items for this big day. If not, please spread the word to friends and neighbors to attend on Saturday Feb 17th at Metcalf!!
Go Metcalf!!

Brian A. Ribnick

Metcalf Middle School 

​Chess Coach