Winter Open Gradelevel Results 12/05/2020

Chess doesn’t quite look the same this year for our club members but a new school, new team name and even a new format for playing didn’t stop them from claiming victory at the Winter Open Gradelevel Tournament last Saturday, December 5th!

Congratulations to our winners!!

6th grade:
1. Thomas Pritchard
2. Spencer Pederson
3. John Blomer
Team took 1st Place

7th grade:
1. Rynaldo Mejia
Team tied for 1st but finished 2nd on tie breaker

8th grade:
1. Soren Leafblad
3. Kenny Moe
4. Mason Pederson
Team took 1st Place

K-12 Open Section
1. Jacob Schoenbauer (5-0) – Overall 1st Place for entire event!!

6th grade team
7th grade team
8th grade team