Old Cord Fundraising drive

Thank you for the recent support during the give to the Max day.
Beginning at the Priyanka Open November 17th, we will be collecting old, used, non-working, or otherwise unwanted strings of holiday lights. Bring your unwanted strings of lights to Metcalf Middle School (2250 Diffley Road) for collection. The Chess team will recycle them with a local recycler. This keeps lights out of a landfill, and proceeds will support the club. Win-Win! We will also accept unwanted extension cords, and computer cables. We will get .32 a pound for Christmas lights and .70 a pound for extension cords and computer cables.

Thanks for your support.

Chess tournament overview

8 am: Registration

SCA card registration $2 (once a year renewal) for those sanctioned events

  • Lost card bin /take a picture of the card
  • New cards will be printed same day

Player tournament Fee $20

  • Location Main tournament area

9am: Rules review

  • Tournament rules
  • Host School rules

9:30am: Round 1 start

  • Number of rounds /times may change by tournament

Match listings: http://schoolchess.org

  • Player Record moves
  • If a player feels another player has questionable behavior during a round, then request an official review at that time. Once a round is final no objections will be reviewed.

End of round, students go back to team room

  • Review match recorded moves and strategize with coach /chess master

Concessions – Cash preferred

  • Multiple selection of items, bring some extra cash
  • Pop, snacks, pizza, candy, etc…

Hosting school will staff the area

Chess equipment store – cash preferred

  • Record books, tournament chess boards, extra pieces, pencils, etc.

Around 4pm: Trophy ceremony (depending on size)

  • Team and individual player awards

Von Hansen’s Brat Sale

On Saturday September 29 and Sunday September 30, Metcalf Masters will be running a brat stand at Von Hansons and we need volunteers to help run it. Now we would like to have 3 adults and 3 children during each shift, so here’s a chance to get to know some other people in the club.

Funds will be split between individual accounts (of those who volunteer) and the club General Fund(Tournaments, Nationals, Social, Equipment, etc).
We still have multiple shifts available.
Here is the link to the sign up in case you did not receive an invite. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080e44afab2ba7ff2-vonhansons